The residents of unincorporated Hamilton County have enjoyed an outstanding quality of life for years. However, overzealous leaders have recently thrown individual rights for our county residents out the window for more tax dollars. The lifestyle of unincorporated residents is about to dramatically change, with higher taxes, fees, licensing, limited planning, gun restrictions, and many other changes. In addition, services will be limited and free market companies now serving public needs will suffer.


The Cost of Annexation by Chattanooga
To learn more about the cost of annexation, please view the link below.
View Cost ot Residents & Businesses
If you are a business, high-priced stormwater fees, business licensing, and other onerous changes will be incurred. One local church in the annexation plan is looking at between $10,000 to $20,000 additional stormwater fees because of its parking lots.

The Time is NOW!

We believe the time is now for our community to take actions to preserve the way of life for the unincorporated areas. The state of Tennessee in 1998 passed an urban grown initiative that went into effect in 2001. This change took the voice away from citizens and placed it into metro governments, with limited or no recourse to fight annexation.  It was intended to stop micro city formations as blocking tatics to fight annexation, which it did.  The Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS) of Tennessee Municipal League reports no major cities have formed in Tennessee in the last 10 years. However, legal suits by local communities to fight annexation efforts have substantially increased across the state. The only recourse for residents is to incorporate the unincorporated areas outside of the urban growth plan. The current mayor of Chattanooga understands this fact and is attempting to force the renegotiation of urban growth plan boundaries against the wishes of citizens. We still have a choice but the window is closing quickly!

To learn more about the urban growth plan click here.

Our mission is simple; create the model city of Hamilton, with very limited infrastructure services required by the state and requested by its citizens, whose interest will be more locally and appropriatly represented. Our objective is to increase the quality of life, keep property taxes low and streamline government operations. Working together, we can achieve this mission.

Click Here to help us make it a reality!





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