This page demonstrates the additional cost to residents and businesses will incur under the City of Chattanooga annexation plan with little to no services in addition to existing Hamilton county taxes.

A detail breakdown of local and state tax structures are available at:

Hamilton Tax Trustee Tax Information

Restrictions and Codes for Chattanooga

Home City Taxes$2.309 per $100
Home Value Your approx city tax (excluding Hamilton County tax):
$100,000 $577.50
$150,000 $866.25
$200,000 $1,155.00
$250,000 $1,443.75
$300,000 $1,732.50
$350,000 $2,021.25
$400,000 $2,310.00
$500,000 $2,877.50
Storm Water Fee (Water Quality Fee) $115.20 per year/per house
Sewer Fees 3% increase if already on sewers, double your water bill if you are on a septic tankwhen sewers are provided if you do or don’t hook upNEW: HIGHER FEES ON THE WAY FOR CHATTANOOGA
Pet Licenses $10.00 per pet (altered)/per year
$50.00 per pet (unaltered) / per year

CHA Pet Policies

Vehicle sticker $5.00 per vehicle / per year (increasing from $5) + subject to citation and court fines if you don’t comply

CHA Wheel Tax

Sewer hook-up $2,000 to $10,000 depending on distance to sewer line, soil composition, depth, and other factors
NEW: Property Tax Calculator – CLICK HERE

Residential tax information provided by HCRAA

Business Cost
Licenses & Permits  Link to information
Storm Water Fee (Water Quality Fee)  Link to information $115.20 per 3,200 sq/ft for parking lots, roofs, etc
Sales Tax  2.25% (plus 7% state tax) Link to more information
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