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Conservatives in Texas Working to Eliminate Taxpayer-Funded Lobbying

November 13, 2013 Leave a comment

Taxpayer funding of organizations like the Tennessee Municipal League isn’t a problem that’s limited to Tennessee. Conservatives in Texas have been working to outlaw the practice for most of the last decade. One of the leaders of that effort, Peggy Venable, penned an excellent article about the ethics-challenged practice of taxpayer-funded lobbying in an article I want to share here (in a PDF file you can save) from The Insider from the fall of 2005 called “Taxpayer-funded Lobbying: Taxman vs. Taxpayer.” Her arguments are as valid today in Tennessee as they were (and are) in Texas and elsewhere across the country.

What do you think? Should taxpayer funding of lobbying activities be outlawed in the Tennessee legislature? Let us know what you think and share this with others.

TACIR Study Available

As part of the this years annexation moratorium bill  there was a requirement for study on annexation by TACIR. The draft of the study has been released.

The study highlights Tennessee’s backwards liberal policies introduced in 1998 are out of line with the rest of the United States when it comes to property rights. It also debunks cities claim to stifle growth through referendum is invalid.

It’s time to hold elected officials accountable in this upcoming legislative cycle and make right to vote on annexation permanent, otherwise we need to send the officials home in the next election cycle.

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