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Local Lawmaker Pushes Annexation Bill

March 31, 2013

Source: http://www.wdef.com/news/story/Local-Lawmaker-Pushes-Annexation-Bill/LkvW_rgewEyxp1wgw9Mqdw.cspx
Reported by: Webb Wright

One local lawmaker wants to give Tennesseans a say in whether they can be annexed when their homes and communities are at stake. Ooltewah representative Mike Carter is sponsoring the annexation reform bill. Tennessee is one of only three states that don’t require referendums when a city want to annex surrounding areas.
The bill would force any annexation attempt to be put to a vote.
Carter says whether you are for or against annexation, Tennessee residents should have a voice in the process.
“The question is not whether it benefits you or not. The question is do you have the right as an American citizen and a citizen of Tennessee to vote on an issue that’s going to dramatically affect your life. And I say that in this and in all other issues, you have the right to vote.”
The bill is scheduled to go before the House Finance Ways & Means Subcommittee next week.

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